Weekend Walk, 3rd May 2010

Okay, let's try something different. (And yes, I'm aware that after a year of no posts, any content is 'different'.)

I like walks. Here's one I did this morning.

Distance: 9.4 miles
Time: 2h 39m
Weather: started clear and sunny, but clouded over with cold wind picking up

A circular walk from Sandiacre, starting down the canal to Sandiacre Lock, then southwest and west along the line of the former Derby canal past Breaston and Draycott. Heading northwest across fields, leaving the canal behind, almost to the village of Ockbrook but then doubling back east for a circuitous farmland route to Risley via Hopwell Hall. Back to Sandiacre along the road.

  • Derby Canal was closed in the 1960s and along most of the section I walked, there's little obvious indication it was ever there.
  • Rabbits everywhere between Draycott Fields Farm and Ockbrook.
  • Hopwell Hall is a huge private residence that used to be (and maybe still is) owned by the co-founder of Coldseal.
  • Risley Coppice (private, but skirted by the footpath) was covered in a dense carpet of bluebells, apparently from edge to edge. One of the best displays I've seen.
  • There are at least two geocaches on (or very close to) this route, but I saved them for another day.