Weekend Walk, 9th May 2010

Sundays are for walking until your feet hurt. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Distance: 11.4 miles
Time: 3h 30m
Weather: sunny throughout with only light cloud

2010-05-09 (9 of 46)

A walk from Sawley, down country lanes and across fields and meadows to Great Wilne and the pleasant village of Shardlow. Along the banks of the river to Trent Lock, then back to Sandiacre along the towpath of the Erewash Canal.

  • Today's walk was intended to be short. Didn't turn out that way.
  • The challenge of the day was traversing this field of inquisitive bullocks:
2010-05-09 (13 of 46)
  • Fortunately, I know kung fu.
  • The village of Shardlow was an important canal port during the Industrial Revolution, and much of this heritage survives today.
  • Long Horse Bridge, joining the paths along the Trent & Mersey Canal and the river, has been gone for a few years with no sign of a replacement, ruling out a possible shortcut.
  • Tons of activity at the marinas today.
2010-05-09 (39 of 46)
  • It's not just me, right? If it were just the name I'd write it off as a coincidence, but the font as well?
  • The Erewash canal towpath is being progressively resurfaced in no apparent logical order.
2010-05-09 (45 of 46)
  • Coot hatchlings!

As is probably obvious, I took the little camera out with me, so there's a gallery here with a georeferenced map view here.